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A Seamless Borrowing Experience

CMI is one of Canada’s only private lenders that has a comprehensive, in-house mortgage administration program, backed by proprietary software engineered to standardize, digitize and simplify the mortgage servicing process.

From managing existing mortgages to processing mortgage payments and completing mortgage renewals, CMI Mortgage Services offers comprehensive management services for all mortgages, facilitating fully digital mortgage transactions.

Comprehensive in-house mortgage administration

Continuous innovation and eagerness to pioneer new technologies have helped make CMI one of the largest private mortgage lenders in Canada, with over $2 billion in lifetime funding.

CMI’s experienced team of mortgage experts is dedicated to supporting and seamlessly servicing every mortgage throughout its lifecycle.


  • CMI’s experienced team handles all post-closing activities and ongoing servicing, including managing arrears and defaults, working directly with borrowers to recoup any missed payments.

Renewal and Discharge

  • CMI’s renewal department sends a renewal reminder 90 days prior to maturity to both the broker and the borrower. The renewal team reviews each mortgage prior to maturity and works with the borrower to determine their renewal intentions. Renewal evaluations may include conducting property assessments, ensuring property taxes are fully paid and confirming insurance is in place before a final decision is made.


  • A rigorous qualification process helps minimize the potential for repayment issues. Regardless, CMI’s administration team has a default management process in place in instances where the borrower defaults on their mortgage. In the event of default, CMI will reach out to the borrower to encourage a resolution and create a customized go-forward plan.

General Administration

  • CMI is committed to delivering a seamless borrowing experience backed by thorough due diligence at every step of the process. When borrowers have questions, the answer is only a phone call or email away. The CMI Mortgage Services team is here to provide trusted expert support.

Have a specific question about CMI’s mortgage administration program? Explore the FAQs.

CMI offers mortgage investments, too

CMI provides comprehensive mortgage administration services for CMI Mortgage Investments and CMI MIC Funds, managing and servicing mortgage assets for our investors.

Investors can invest with CMI in a truly passive manner, making for a simple and stress-free mortgage investing experience that produces tangible results.

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