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Mortgage Investing Made Easy

Invest Confidently

Whether you’re funding an entire mortgage transaction or investing in a pool of mortgages through a CMI MIC fund, every mortgage investment is fully managed and serviced by CMI Mortgage Services, CMI’s in-house mortgage administration team.

For investors, this translates into an attractive alternative fixed income investment solution – one that delivers a compelling return with complete peace of mind that CMI is taking care of everything else.

With an historic loan loss rate of just 1%, CMI has a proven track record of protecting investor assets. Discover how CMI’s whole mortgage investments and MIC funds can add value to your portfolio.

Safeguarding your mortgage investments

CMI’s experienced team of mortgage lending and investment experts is dedicated to managing, monitoring, and safeguarding your mortgage investments.


  • CMI’s compliance teams provide ongoing quality control reviews throughout the entire term of the investment, ensuring all regulatory documentation is in order and any additional compliance documentation is validated. Investors receive regular monthly payments without the inconvenience of having to update any of the mortgage documentation.


  • CMI’s renewal department reviews each mortgage investment’s performance 60-90 days prior to maturity and works with the borrower to determine their future intentions. Renewal evaluations may include conducting property assessments, ensuring property taxes are fully paid and confirming insurance is in place before a final decision is made.


  • A rigorous qualification process helps to minimize the potential for repayment issues and losses. Regardless, CMI’s administration team has a default management process in place in instances where the borrower defaults on their mortgage. In the event of default, CMI will reach out to the borrower to encourage a resolution, create a customized go-forward plan, and if necessary, initiate legal action and repossession of the property.

General Administration

  • CMI is committed to helping investors achieve competitive returns by employing thorough due diligence at every step of the process. This includes the ability to act as the pre-authorized withdrawal (PAD) processor. This enables CMI Mortgage Services to reprocess and recoup any returned payments. Its expertise in managing mortgage deals is evidenced by an extremely low historical loan loss rate of less than 1%.

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